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v.3 Simple Twist of Fate...
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F I V E  B Y  F I V E
v.2 Five By Five
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C H A O S  B L E E D S
v.1 Chaos Bleeds
full size(1000 x 450)

I've always been on the outside,
Different and un-liked,
From the world I tried to hide,
But one day something changed.

I met you, I fit in,
I could be myself,
Yet as it seems, I didn't win,
I was moving in reverse.

Everybody took me in,
Was made one of their own,
Then they committed a horrible sin,
I knew I was different from you all.

I'm still on the outside,
Looking in on you,
Still outside and trying to hide,
It seems that you don't feel.

You all have no empathy,
Cold, dark hearts inside you hold,
Can't accept my individuality,
it seems to me you have no soul.

I try to reach out,
But I propel farther back,
Something's holding me in doubt,
It won't let me break through.

I take this feeling all in turn,
Been brought down far too long,
This is a lesson you must learn,
For being who you are.


Cold and heartless,
A magician.
Truly captivating
Yet so horryfing and sly.

No one knows where
Not you nor I
Where the blackness engulfs us,
Where this terror may lie.

Clothed in hating,
Cloaked in black,
Everywhere you go,
You watch your back.

You know it's out there,
Yet no one believes you,
It's just a lie,
Nobody knows,
That soon we'll all die.

When all hell breaks loose,
Soon darkness shall come.
Only ones saved,
Are the ones who don't run.


A burning desire,
Trying to escape,
But the feelings
Can't penetrate
The locked cage of
Your heart.

Frozen in silence,
Moving without a soul,
Being closed off,
Will soon take its toll.

Day in and day out,
The same old routine,
Everything's what it's not,
But nothing's as it seems.

Watiting for a rescue,
The warmth of fire in
An icy pool of flesh.
Waiting for someone to see,
But no one's let in.

You've lived this way forever,
Your eyes as cold as stone,
Dark like the never-ending black.
Doorways to your soul,
Locked shut by fear.

Your life has no depth,
No soul to reappear,
No heart to get to,
No layers to sear.

--Stick and Stones--

Where do I belong
in this life long forgotten?
The death within my soul
has turned my visage rotten.

Scarlet wine flows down
my porcelian skin.
Through strawberry gashes
the evil seeps in.
My veins are itching
inside their thin walls,
and from within
an old demon calls.

Scars reappear
from freshly picked scabs.
Then through the smoke
wispy, familiar hands grab.
Static faces clog my vision
and my eyes burn with hate.
But itís really my reflection,
echoing my perpetual fate.

Crimson velvet rains
down from my pores,
staining my legacy,
submerging back to my core.
Porcelian burns as wax,
dripping into the gray.
The heat sears through decaying bones
which crumble and fly away.

I belong in the shadows
among old blood and broken bones.
Names may cut my soul apart,
but so do sticks and stones.

--They Look At Me--

They look at me with those dark, glaring eyes,
Talk to me with silence, now I can't stand,
Treat me like this, it's become my demise,
I wish I could disappear from this land.
I go home and I cry myself to sleep,
Distorted theories that I know are real,
Yet no one knows that this hurts me so deep,
So no one can find me, no one can heal.
I wrote everything that I'm going to say,
Tell every girl at school, this is for them,
I've decided to take my life today,
That all of their games made my life so dim.
I'm sorry everyone, but you will see,
That this is the way that it had to be.


Take a walk in my shoes,
For just one day,
And then you will see,
I'm affected by what you say.

You make me feel tiny,
Feel two inches tall,
You make me feel,
I'm not important at all.

I cry and I scream,
But no one can hear,
'Cos of what you said,
No one comes near.

You say that I'm different,
That I'm not meant to be,
Because of my color,
You begin to judge me.

I may look opposite,
But I'm the sane inside,
Maybe you take out one me,
All the questions you hide.

Your hatred may be
'Cos you don't understand,
And you don't want to face
The problems at hand.

If you got to know me,
Take a second of your time,
Maybe we could stop racism,
One person at a time.