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--It's Not Right--
[Side Note: This is my version of the e-mail fwd, in case it seems familiar]

I said I'd be careful,
And you knew that I would,
Told me not to drink,
But my friends thought they should.

I drank a can of Sprite,
Instead of drinking beer,
And I know that this was
Just what you wanted to hear.

I left the party,
At sometime past nine,
And because I was sober,
I thought I'd be fine.

It was my turn to turn,
He had the red light,
But now I am lying
On the asphalt tonight.

Momma, I love you,
And I love Daddy too,
Tell everyone
That I'm thinking of you.

You know it's not fair,
I know it's not right,
But it was God's choice
To take me tonight.

--Lover's Curse--

He walked away
and took my soul,
left me with nothing
but an empty hole.

He left me there
with nothing to give,
not but an empty shell,
with which to live.

He took my beating heart
and tore it in two,
I just stood there and wept
there was nothing to do.

Fire was sparking within
his flaming red eyes,
and when he walked away
a part of me died.

I fell to the floor my
world spinning around,
nothing but the sound
of my tears flooding the ground.

Love is cursed and
love is hard,
leaving lives smashed
into vulnerable shards.

He says he loves you,
to get into bed,
even though you protest,
‘not ‘til we’re wed.’

You start to scream and
his hands become fists,
falling to unconsciousness as
your world starts to mist.

Love is cursed and
love is hard,
leaving lives smashed
into vulnerable shards.

--Memento Mori--

I want to tell you something to remember,
When you feel your life is through,
And your flame's nothing but an ember.

Don't forget this advice, when there's no where to go,
Please don't try and hang on to what little is left,
Even though you deserve it, your ending can't be slow.

You're a devil under an angel's grace,
And I know that you'll forget,
For you're that monster with the satanic face.

And now there's nothing left for you,
And you're slipping through times' sand,
I told you what you had to do,
I gave you a helping hand.

But you refused, and now you will remain,
You're under pressure, so confused,
You shut me out, so you'll live in pain.

The flames of death are licking your back,
The reaper's knocking on your door,
Yet you refuse the eternal black,
Refuse the chance to hit the floor.

Your body's screaming, tell me why,
You never listened when I told you,
Memento Mori; Remember to Die.

--No One But I--
The sparks dance,
And the flames lick at its tail,
Oxygen burns,
Telling a story of love,
and betrayl.

Silence is pierced,
But nothing more than once,
The Prince of Heat,
and the King of Fire.

But as the heat tumbles,
The Fire seems to die,
But really in legend,
The fire, it flies.

Orange and gold,
A shimmering mystery,
Amazing and beautiful,
Flame perfect,
Holds no flaw.

Deep into the night
Flames extending farther into the stars,
Soon realize we hold nothing
For that flame is not ours.

Fire: the giver of life.
If the answer's no mystery,
Then why shall he go down in history?
Who tells? Who?
Not you, the Phoenix yells,
But I.


Eerily cast
By moonlight,
With nothing to grasp,
Tricks played by your mind.

Everywhere we go,
There's nothing to them,
We walk right past,
Yet they draw you in.

Creepily crooked,
Akwardly bent,
Too much time captivated,
By these we have spent.

But really there's nothing,
Nothing at all,
And what we think may be something,
Maybe just be shadows,
Shadows on a wall.


I look at myself and wonder how
just one word, just one whipser,
could lead to hatred.

They kick me around
and put me down.
Threatened with words,
twisted and malicious.


I hurt inside from these
supposed perfect people.
They'd never do wrong
but their angelic personality
it just a cover-up
for what they truly hold inside.

Bruised and battered
torn and tattered
nothing left but my
scared little body
broken and abused.


I had to tell someone
but they wouldn't let me go
they wouldn't let me know
how my soul was beaten
and how they had won.

I would not give in
but I was so afraid to be
taken so far and never come back,
though it seems a demonic
presence had taken over my
old friends


One word could've saved
me one word may have ended
all this pain they put me through.
Now that one word may just save you.