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Rain fell from the sky,
The day she left,
Rain fell from the sky,
For the angels wept.

The angels wept
For someone so pure,
Someone so young,
Someone so sure.

It wasn't her fault,
So happy, carefree,
In the middle of something
That she shouldn't be.

She tried to run,
Tried to get free,
She feared her knowledge
Of what was to be.

Her father's mistakes,
For this, she would pay,
The gunman at fault,
For this, her last day.

She lay wounded in pain,
Sobbing on the floor,
The shot to the head,
Her breath came no more.

For now rain fell from the sky,
The day that she left,
For the angels wept,


In a world of originiality,
Inside we're all the same,
Our outside shies us all away,
Unless we play the game.

The game is filled with vicious rules,
And none of them humane,
They play us all like stupid fools,
It side of this harsh game.

To them inside is not what counts,
But the color of your skin,
We work our hearts with every ounce,
And yet our words don't win.

The game to them is just for fun,
They don't see what it can do,
If we learn we can be one,
End the torture we go through.

We may seem differen,but we're yet the same,
From one God we're all sent,
First you see, then we can "win" this game,
And end our punishment.

--Ghost Roads--

You cut, you slash
You cry, you bleed
Each moment you wish
You'd finish the deed.

Your body is bruised
Your soul is in tatters
And absuing yourself
Is all that matters.

Spiraling downward
Into a blackened storm,
This all started
'Coz you weren't the "norm."

You travel the Ghost Raods
Feeling neither hot nor cold,
Static surrounds you,
Your fate has been sold.

Shapes cloaked in fog wander,
And you believe you are dead,
But this eternal realm,
Is all in your head.

--Hell on Earth--

In murderous rage,
Some souls fly free,
While others are caged.

So many killing,
So many watching
All the blood spilling.

Soon nothing here,
It touches home,
Some shed tears.

A desire burning,
No peace or harmony,
Look how the world's turning
out to be.

All those are shattered,
Tormented souls screaming,
Torn, bruised, and battered.

It's hell on Earth,
And nothing can save us,
No one to be the hero,
When the devil takes us away.

**this one's being published in a Young Authors Anthology....

--I Am Who I Am--

I am my own person,
I do what I do,
Although you may think,
That I am like you.

I have my own ways,
I like what I like,
No matter what you say,
We're like day and night.

My personality is my own,
And I copy no one else,
You may try to be like me,
But I am my own self.

There is nothing you can do,
To change who I am,
I am happy just like this,
For I am who I am.

I could not live living a lie,
And not be true to myself,
I must be an original,
Not a fake, a copy of everyone else.

For I am who I am,
I do what I do,
And no matter how hard you try,
I will not be changed by you.

--In the Arms of an Angel--

I had come back from fun,
A weekend away,
I didn't want to listen,
To what my mom had to say.

My grandfather was sick,
His heart was congested,
His kidneys infected,
This news I digested.

Thursday morning came,
My mom woke me up,
My grandfather had left,
With this grief I was struck.

I cried and I cried,
And when the time came,
We saw him one last time,
Michael Schneider the name.

I wept with grief,
I wept with sorrow,
It soon came to mind,
The funeral was tomorrow.

Very touching words,
A loving affair,
So many lives touched,
Tears filled the air.

They played a song,
One I'll never forget,
In the Arms of an Angel,
Deep in our hearts it hit.

Ashes to ashes,
Spirit to spirit,
With Arms Wide Open,
I cry when I hear it.

Memories last,
And memories fade,
But I'll never forget,
The time that he made.

The time he made,
To love all of us,
The time he made,
A time shared with us.