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Like the Layout?
v.3 Simple Twist of Fate...
full size(733 x 300)

Previous layouts:
F I V E  B Y  F I V E
v.2 Five By Five
full size(1000 x 450)
C H A O S  B L E E D S
v.1 Chaos Bleeds
full size(1000 x 450)
mp3's on my comp

Amanda Ghost-"Cellophane"
"Filthy Mind"
The Exies-"Numb(Happy?)"
"My Goddess"
"Calm and Collapsed"
"Baby's Got a New Revelation"
"No Secrets"
"Can't Relate"
Halo Friendlies-"Run Away"
"Nice Guys"
"Sell out"
"Over it"
"Love Sick"
"Falling Away"
"Let's Be Friends"
"Anything For You"
Jack off Jill-
"My Cat"
"Yellow Brick Road"
"Spit and Rape"
"French Kiss the Elderly"
"American Made"(original and tweaker remix)
"Super Sadist"
"Devil with the Black Dress On"
"Angels Fuck"
"I Touch Myself"(Divynls cover)
Idlewild-"Century After Century"
"(I Am) What I Am Not"
"American English"
"A Little Discourage"
"Actually It's Darkness"
"These Wooden Ideas"
"A Modern Way of Letting Go"
"You Held the World In Your Arms"
Evanescence-"Imaginary(old version)
"Tourniquet"(old version)
"Everybody's Fool"(old version)
"Going Under"(Live version)
The Distillers-"City of Angels"
"I Am a Revenant"
"Sing Sing Death House"
"The World Comes Tumblin'"
"Oh Serena"
Good Charlotte-"Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous"
"The Anthem"
"Boys and Girls"
Goo Goo Dolls-"Think About Me"
Boomkat-"The Wreckoning"
Something Corporate-"Punk Rock Princess"
"If You C Jordan"
Ghost of the Robot-"Dangerous"(acoustic and normal versions)
"Vehicles Shock Me"
Tuuli-"Tough Guys"
"Rockstar Boyfriends"
"Who's the Fool Now"
"It's Over"
"Summer Song"
"Need to Destroy"
Avril Lavigne-"Get Over It"
"Falling Down"
"I Don't Give a Damn"
"Knockin' On Heaven's Door"
Michelle Branch-"Paper Pieces"
"Game of Love"(with Santana)
"Are You Happy Now"
"Second Chances"
"Leap of Faith"
"Stewart's Coat"
"Washing Machine"
t.a.t.u-"All the Things She Said"
"How Soon Is Now"
Puddle of Mudd-"She Fucking Hates Me"
Lucy Woodward-"Dumb Girls"
NY Rel-X-"She's Got a Gun"
"No Remorse"
Lyndzie Taylor-"Sincerity"
"Just Like You"
"Running Away"
Hoobastank-"Crawling in the Dark"
"Running Away"
Treble Charger-"How She Died"
Emma Caulfield-"I'm the Mrs."
The Donnas-"40 Boys in 40 Nights"
"Rock 'n Roll Machine"
Laika-"Black Cat Bone"
Sugarcult-"Bouncing Off the Walls"
"Open Minded"
"Control Freak"
Ok Go-"You're So Damn Hot"
"Get Over It"
Emm Gryner-"Beautiful Things"
Christina Aguilera-"Dirrty ft. Redman"
Lifehouse-"Hanging by a Moment"
Three Doors Down-"When I'm Gone"
A Perfect Circle-"Judith"
Sum 41-"What We're All About"
"Makes No Difference"
Leigh Silver-"Everything"
"Play That Song"
"Summer Waves"
"'Til the Moon Turns Blue"
Kelly Clarkson-"Miss Independent"
Less Than Jake-"She's Gonna Break Soon"
American Hi-Fi-"Art of Losing"
Marilyn Manson-"mObscene"
"Tainted Love"
"The Beautiful People"
Sarah McLaughlin-"Full of Grace"
Delerium-"After All"
Ditz-"You Never Learn"
"Lift Me Up"
"Slush Puppie"
Darling Violetta-"Angel Theme Song"
Shakira-"No Creo"
The Red Hot Chili Peppers-"Blood Sugar Sex Magic"
The Stone Temple Pilots-"Sour Girl"
Superchick-"One Girl Revolution"
Stacie Oricco-"Stuck"
Beyoncé-"Crazy in Love"
John Frizzell-"My Little Box"
Mudvayne-"Not Falling"
Nickelback-"Saturday Nights"
Pink-"Feel Good Time"
The Cardigans-"Lovefool"
Curve-"Chinese Burn"
The White Stripes="Seven Nations Army"
"Fell in Love With a Girl"
Anthony Stewart Head-"The Exposition Song" (a.k.a. Giles' song from 'Restless')
Lindsay Lohan-"Ultimate"

Cd's constantly in my cd player:

LiveonRelease-"Seeing Red", "Goes On A Fieldtrip"
the Josie and the Pussycats soundtrack
the American Pie soundtrack
my Four Star Mary Mix(everything but the song "Prison")
my Joydrop Mix(stuff from "Viberate" and "Metasexual")
Michelle Branch-"The Sprit Room", "Hotel Paper"
Vanessa Carlton-"Be Not Nobody"
Avril Lavine-"Let Go"
the Buffy the Vampire Slayer soundtrack
the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Musical soundtrack
Treble Charger-"Detox"
The Donnas-"Spend The Night"
Nickelback-"Silver Side Up", "The State"
No Doubt-"Tragic Kingdom"
Sum 41-"Does This Look Infected", "All Killer No Filler"
Jack Off Jill-"Clear Hearts Gray Flowers"
Bif Naked-"I Bificus", "Purge"
The Cranberries-"Bury the Hatchet"
Garbage-"Garbage", "Version 2.0", "BeautifulGarbage"
Lillix-"Falling Uphill"