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name: Michelle Tomlinson

age: 16

birthday: March 19/87

location: Kamloops

fave music: Anything but country

fave actors: Noah Wyle, Josh Hartnett

fave actresses: Maura Tierney, Mandy Moore

fave movies: Here on Earth

fave tv: Simpsons, That 70's Show, King Of The Hill..pretty much all of the laugh pack

fave books: Umm..not sure

fave authors: Once again..umm..not sure

fave quotes: "I have pms and a gun. Did you want to ask me something?"
"This is YOUUUUUUUUR dance. It's not mine or Mr. Bluemann's..its YOUUUUUUR dance..take some responsibility..bla bla bla." hehe

key descriptive: Crazy