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getting caught in the rain...then being soaked for the rest of the day

playing soccer in the rain

the smell of vanilla, rain, ocean and cinnamon

the feel of the sun beating down on my skin

being on the water and feeling unrestrained

the rush of being on stage

the comfort of a roaring fire while camping

waking up at 9 and thinking I'm late for school, then realizing it's a saturday and falling asleep 'til 12


the comfort of music

knowing the love of my friends and family is with me

knowing I am supported fully by everyone around me

daydreaming in class

daydreaming before I fall asleep


being who I am; letting loose and going crazy for the sake of being myself

the smell of sulphur...or a freshly cut lawn

feeling the energy crackling in the air and rushing through me in a thunder storm


fresh air

the smell of nature

the holidays

being lazy because I can

the first droplet of water on my skin in the shower and snapping awake as it hits my body

long, luxurious bubble baths

hot tubbing;)

the arts

the change of seasons and the new events each one brings


most food...

burning hot chocolate loaded with marshmallows on a -20 degrees C day...

sugar highs



contemplating what would've happened had I made different decisions...it makes for great creativity

the beach

boating (water-skiing and tubing)

canoeing...but only on the Okanagan with Cole