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     “Don’t say that, baby. Don’t you miss me?”
     “It’s not really you. I-it’s The First. W-What do you want?”
     “Don’t worry. It won’t hurt…much,” she said, smiling coyishly.
     Willow felt confused and she didn’t want to admit it, but she was scared. Oh, Goddess, protect me. I’ve seen what The First has done to Spike…what it made him do…Willow tried to slip past her and to her room to find a sanctuary away from the evil.
     However, she followed the red-head down the hall. “Did you enjoy it? Did you enjoy what you did to her? Slut. Did you like fucking my sister? You dirty little whore.”
     Tears began to flow down Willow’s face. “S-stop it. You’re messing with my head, that’s all. You’re not real.” It’s not really her. It’s not her. Remember that. Willow tried to calm her mind down but she couldn’t help but feel the sting of her old lover's words.
     She smirked and laughed. “You’re afraid, aren’t you? I can see it in your eyes. Those tears…you’re a wuss. You never were strong, were you Willow? Always needing Buffy to protect you? Well, guess what…Buffy’s not here now is she?”
     Willow’s breathing became ragged inhalations, and when she tried to find her voice all that would come out was a tiny squeak.
     She scoffed. “That’s what I thought. So she’s been lying to you, has she? That insignificant skank. She was always a little bitch.”
     “Stop it! Shut-up!” Willow screamed, closing her eyes and putting her hand to her ears. The whole house went dead silent and when Willow opened her eyes again, no one was there.
     Her head was pounding and she felt dizzy. She stumbled to her room and opened the door. Once inside she collapsed on her bed, shaking, and her eyes were like lead. She blinked and as she slowly opened her eyes, they flashed to black before returning to their natural shade.

The Next Day

     Everyone had returned home safely after patroling the night before. The whole house was sleeping save for Sidney and Kennedy. After last night's events, Sidney felt that she needed to relax and headed down to the basement to work out. Unfortunately, Kennedy had the same idea.
     Kennedy glanced up from the floor where she was doing crunched when she heard Sidney walking down the stairs.
      "You coming down here just to rub it in my face?"
     "What're you talking about? I came down here to work out and let off some steam."
     "Oh, did you and Willow have a fight? Color me emphatic," Kennedy spat.
     Sidney stood there disbelieving. "What crawled up your ass? I never did anything to you."
     "Liar. You stole Willow." Kennedy punched the slayer across her face. "And you're going to pay."
     Sidney spun around to face the potential once again and brought her leg up at the same time. Her foot connected with Kennedy's chest and sent her flying backwards.
     "I didn't come looking for a fight," Sidney said, carefully watching Kennedy pull herself up. "But if you're going to be a bitch, I wouldn't mind kicking your ass."
     Kennedy charged the slayer, intending to take her down. Sidney stepped aside and slid one foot out. She smiled as Kennedy flew past her, connected with her foot, and landed on the floor.
     Sidney walked to stand beside the fallen potential. She rolled her over with her foot and grinned maliciously at her. "Y'know, Willow would be upset if I beat you into a bloody pulp," Sidney started. "And amazingly...I actually care about her. So consider yourself lucky." She spun around on her heel and clomped up the stairs, shutting the door behind her.
      Back in the basement, Kennedy lay on the ground, her breath coming in short heaves. She had one hand on her chest where Sidney had kicked her, and another on the bump forming on her forehead.
     Just wait...sometimes words can speak louder than actions. You'll get what's coming...

     There was a knock on Willow’s door. She put down the brush she was using on her hair and turned around. “Who is it?”
     “Can I come in?” The voice was reluctant. “I really need to talk to you.” It was Sidney.
     Willow contemplated saying no for a moment, but decided against it. Willow straightened her clothes and sat on her bed. “Come on in.”
     Sidney walked into the room, closing the door softly behind her. She stood in front of Willow, her arms crossed. “It’s about last night,” she said gently. Her tone had lost most of its usual severity and made her seem vulnerable-but only for a moment. When she spoke again she was tense and just about harsh. “It’s not what you think.”
     Willow looked up at the slayer. “What do I think?” she questioned, playing clueless.
     “I’m guessing mostly that I kept a huge secret from you. For not telling you about my sister.”
     “Well, you must’ve had reasons not to tell me.”
     “I didn’t want to hurt you. I felt something special between us, and...I couldn’t cause you any harm by telling you.”
     “Well, it caused more harm not telling me.” Sidney stood in shock, her mouth open wide, not sure what to make of what Willow was saying.
     “You obviously don’t care enough to tell me the truth. You can’t waltz into Sunnydale and think everyone will bow down before you because you’re the Slayer. Actually, you’re just a slayer. One.”
     “Willow, let me explain myself...I-”
     “No,” Willow snarled, “you kept this huge secret from me and expected me to forgive you once it was revealed? It doesn’t work that way.”
     “Don’t you care about me? About us?” Sidney felt her throat choke. This isn’t the Willow I know...something’s wrong with her. She would never say this to me. “I thought you were the type of person who would forgive me,” she whispered.
     Willow’s eyes darkened and black covered the normally beautiful blue-green. “Clearly you don’t know me that well. But...you’re sister was wrong. I’m not the whore...you are.” She laughed, throwing up her hands. Blue sparks shot from her fingertips and struck Sidney in the chest. The slayer flew backwards, landing with a thump near the wall.
     Buffy had heard the commotion from out in the hall and rushed towards Willow’s room. She flung open the door and saw what Willow had done. “Will, what happened to you? I thought I could trust you with the magick.”
     Willow smiled vindictively. “This isn’t your fight, Little-Miss-Stake-Happy.” Willow flicked her wrist and the door slammed in Buffy’s face. Buffy pounded on the door.
     “Willow! Let me in! You need help!”
     “Actually, I feel fine,” the witch replied from inside her room.
     Sidney tried to flex her left wrist, but it wouldn’t move without excruciating pain. She had smashed it into the wall and even with her slayer strength, it had broken. Willow…what’s happened to you? Don’t tell me I did this…
     “Not so high and mighty now, are we Slayer? You’ve had your turn in causing pain, and now it’s my time to have a little fun.” Willow shot out a flash of energy towards Sidney, who dodged most of it with a simple dive to the right, but the energy hit her leg, causing Sidney to cry out in a mixture of surprise and pain.
     The red-head pulled herself up off the floor to face Willow. “Stop this. Let me help you. Buffy was right…you need help.”
     The witch scoffed. “Slayers. Always believe they’re right. If any of you ever thought about letting someone else take charge, you'd probably blow up.” She paused for a moment to slowly circle Sidney, tracing her finger around her shoulders as she went. She used her finger to prop up Sidney’s chin. Sidney raised an arm to knock Willow away from her, but the witch blocked it, batting it away as if it were a fly. “And I think I can help you with that,” she hissed.
     Sidney whimpered, knowing that Willow had some magickal hold over her. “Don’t hurt me. You can fight this, but you won’t win. Let me help you.
     “Shut up!” Willow screamed, backhanding Sidney across the cheek. The slayer’s skin blossomed to a fiery red, but the persistence in her eyes never dimmed.
     “No.” She stood firm, ready to fight if need be.
     A screech reverberated throughout Willow’s room. The sound was like that of a banshee screaming with pleasure and rage. “Selfish little bi-”
“Willow, no!” Kennedy shouted, tumbling through the doorway, followed by the rest of the Scoobies.
     The witch turned and glared at the new arrivals. “This is not your fight!” She shrieked.
     “It’s not yours, either,” Kennedy said calmly.
     “You really are going to make a great Slayer one day. That self-absorbed attitude is perfect.”
     Kennedy flinched, looking as if she had just been punched. “Leave her alone Willow,” Sidney spoke up, her unmatchable defiance still showing through.
     A wave of surprise flowed over the potential’s face as she heard those words echo through her ears.
     Willow’s gaze whipped back to her original victim, a renewed vengeance in her soul. The witch cocked her head to one side, carefully eyeing the slayer. “You like to feel special don’t you? My pleasure.”
     Willow raised her hands and flicked her wrist. Sidney crashed into the wall, her arms spread out in a T and her legs at the same position as her shoulders. The skin was ripped clean off her skeleton with one clean motion. The sound resonated throughout the room-fast and wet like a suction cup being ripped from glass.
     “Willow!” Kennedy screamed, rushing towards the red-head.
     Willow turned around, her eyes and hair slowly fading from black to their normal blue-green and red. “What? What did I do?” She collapsed into Kennedy’s arms. The potential sunk to the floor under Willow’s weight and held her in her arms.

     In the hallway outside the bedroom, a figure appeared, taking on an all-too-familiar shape. It stepped towards Willow’s room and walked inside through the crowd. The ghost wore a bloody blue shirt, its blonde hair in tangles. “Family…isn’t it amazing what we’ll do?”


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