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     The rest of the night was uneventful, which was even more unnerving than having lots of action.
     Back at home, everyone but the SIT's and Andrew sat in the living room. Buffy had sent the young girls to bed, as she planned to train them hard the next morning.
     "I believe we haven't had a proper introduction. We leaped into action before knowing exactly why you're here," Giles said in regards to Sidney, who stood near the couch with arms crossed and face as cold as steel.
     "I was on a Hellmouth in Boston for the past year. My watcher got news of your situation here and we started towards Sunnydale.”
     "What happened to your watcher?" Buffy questioned, feeling put out by the new arrival.
     "Vamps. He was attacked one night while I took out a nest. Turned my back for one second, then they had him. I continued on my way here and well, here I am."
     "How do we know you're really alive? You could be the big evil and trying to toy with us," Anya pointed out.
     "If I was, wouldn't one of the potentials have become the slayer? Besides, I can touch things."
     She reached out to stroke Willow's arm. When Willow didn't pull away, the group looked at her strangely. But that all dissolved when Anya pouted. "Damn." Dawn rolled her eyes and bounced a little excitedly on the couch. "I think it's cool," she said, grinning. "Plus, more power against the First, right?"
     "Quite right," Giles said.
     "I'm gonna turn in. Early rise tomorrow with the potentials. I'll see you guys in the morning. Sidney, you'll have to sleep on the couch for tonight." Buffy rose from her chair and headed upstairs.
     Xander and Anya left, as did Giles. Dawn followed her sister upstairs after telling Sidney where to grab a blanket and a pillow. Spike had considered talking to Buffy; he needed to work his feelings out with her, but he left as well, not being in the mood for an ass-kicking from the slayer.
     "Looks like we're all alone," Sidney said, seductively.
     "Yup. Just, uh...you and me. But, y'know, I was just gonna head upstairs," Willow said nervously, turning to leave.
     "Willow, wait." The slayer caught the red-head on her arm. She took a few steps closer to Willow so their faces were almost touching.
     "I know you can feel it, too. I can't explain it, but something's there. It's a strong connection; I've known you for a few hours and it seems as if I've known you forever; as if I've loved you."
     Willow lost all control of her mind as she nodded, breathing in slowly as Sidney ran her fingers slowly up and down Willow's arm.
     "Just give in. Cave in to your desires. You won't regret it." Sidney grabbed Willow's head and kissed her, searching Willow's mouth with her tongue. Without a moments hesitation, Willow kissed her back.
     The kiss grew in intensity. Willow was running her hand through Sidney's hair and Sidney's hand was slowly moving lower and lower down Willow's back. Sidney pulled away and grinned at Willow. "Good night," she said as she sat on the couch.
     It took Willow a few seconds to find her voice. " 'Night," she breathed, and turned slowly, quietly making her way up the stairs. Wow. Very....Wow! She smacked her forehead. "Bad Willow! Oh Goddess, what have I done?!"
     The voice inside her head came back. Yes, but ah! Wow! Willow smiled. "Yeah...wow."

     Willow woke up the next morning to the sound of running water. She rolled over to look at her clock. 6:05. Buffy wasn't going to be up for another half an hour to train the potentials.
     She figured Kennedy had woken up early to take a shower before she started training. Willow crawled out of bed and noticed a bright yellow Post-It note on the door.
     It read: 'Come in,' with a little winking face next to it. Willow grinned and started undressing as she stepped into the bathroom. She drew back the shower curtain and stepped in, only to be met by Sidney. Willow felt a surge of unexplainable energy course through her as she realized it wasn't Kennedy.
     "Hey, you came." Willow impulsively grabbed Sidney and kissed her, slowly making her way down the wet slayers neck, towards her chest, and trailing kisses down her stomach. Sidney moaned and arched her back against the cold, wet tile.


     Buffy had finished training the potentials for the morning and let them go eat breakfast. She grabbed a bottle of water and left the kitchen, heading upstairs. She hadn't seen Willow all morning, and even Kennedy said she hadn't seen her. Sidney was having her own private training session with Giles, just to see if she was up to her full strength.
     Buffy knocked on Willow's door. "Will? You in here?"
     "Yeah," Willow replied.
     "I haven't seen you all day," Buffy said as she opened to the door. Looking at Willow sitting on the bed, Buffy could instantly sense something was wrong. "You okay? You seem all bummed."
     "Sit down," Willow said.
     "Oh, Will...what is it??" Buffy asked with deep concern.
     "Well, um...it's Sidney."
     Buffy didn't look shocked. "I knew I didn't like her. Did she do something to Kennedy? What happened?"
     "Calm down, Buff. She didn't do anything. Well...she did do something...but I didn't stop her."
      "Will...what happened?"
     Willow couldn't find the words to explain it. It was a complicated feeling to explain. "Well, since the first time I saw her, I felt something. A connection. Last night after everyone had gone to bed, she said that she could 'feel it too'. She said it felt like we had known each other forever...like we had loved each other."
     Buffy laughed, skeptical. "Will, is that it? She has feelings for you?"
     "I felt it too," Willow said quietly. "She kissed me and I didn't stop her. And then...this morning, I thought Kennedy was in the shower..and I went in there...but it was her. And...I couldn't stop myself. We kissed, again...only...," Willow trailed off.
     Buffy put her hand on Willow's arm. "Will, it's all right. You know you can tell me anything, and I'm glad you told me this. I can take care of it."
     "Buffy don't. You can't kick her out. We need her help. And-" Buffy cut her off.
     "Will, what about Kennedy?"
     "I don't know. But the thing is...I haven't felt this way      since...well...since Tara." Willow smiled.
"Well, then you know what you have to do."
     Willow nodded, hugging Buffy. "Thanks for listening...I needed to get this out."

     “…and because of this, tonight’s training session is going to be different,” Buffy finished.
     Kennedy asked the question everyone else was wondering. “What do you mean, different? Isn’t is working fine the way it is?”
      “No, it’s not. The lack of vamps last night is disturbing me. After all, it is Sunnydale. Spike, Prinicpal Wood, Xander and I are all going to take you girls out tonight. I need Sidney and Willow back at the house just in case there’s an attack here.”
      “Buff, is there any reason to believe an attack will be made here? And why do you need me here? There’s nothing left to research, we’ve gone through it all.”
      “Magick, Will. And, yes, I trust you. You’re only to use it as an extreme measure if there is an attack.”
      Xander was still confused. “And…reason for attack is…?”
      “These,” Buffy said, holding up three computer disks. I found them on the front porch this morning with a note. Will, I need you to take a look at these.”
      “Got it,” Willow said, getting up and grabbing the disks from Buffy. She headed towards the her laptop in the dining room.
      Amanda spoke up, “What did the note say?”
      Buffy was silent for a second before she answered. “It said that someone was watching us. That he knows our every move and to be prepared.”
      Andrew raised his hand. “Uh…prepared for what.”
      “That’s what I don’t know. I don’t even know if this is connected to the first, but it is the Hellmouth, so I’m not taking any chances.”
      “Uh, guys!” Willow called. “You might wanna take a look at this.”
      Everyone cluttered into the dining room around Willow. Kennedy put her hand on Willow’s shoulder, but Willow didn’t register she was even there.
      “What is it, Will?” Buffy asked.
      “Well, the first disk had nothing on it, which I thought was odd. But then, the next disk was full of blueprints. Of this house, of Giles’ apartment building, the high school, cemeteries. Every place we go was on there. And then the third…” Willow popped the disk into the drive and a blank video screen popped up. “This…”
      A video started to play, obviously filmed with a home video camera. It started with shots of the school and cemeteries, then switched to shots of Giles at home in his apartment and then the potentials training in the backyard. Next were shots of Buffy and Sidney at night, teaching the SIT’s in the field. And finally, a shot of the Summers’ residence, with chilling images of everybody walking around, talking, going about their business.
      The video cut to static as a chilling voice filled the room. “I know your secrets, Slayers…I know what you two hide…what you are…” Everybody looked at each other, their bodies starting to fill with dread as the computer flicked off. Then, the lights in the house went off, one by one, until the group was plunged into total darkness.
An ear-piercing scream sounded after they had been plunged into darkness.
      "Okay, who screamed like a girl?" Buffy asked.
      "Sorry." It was Andrew.
      Most of them laughed under their breath while Spike muttered, "Bloody hell."
      A few seconds after the lights had gone out, they all flicked back on to reveal the group huddled together in the dining room. Giles appeared in the kitchen with an apologetic look on his face. “Quite sorry. I was searching downstairs for this,” he held up an old-looking axe, “and I accidentally bumped into the fuse box. Well, uh, carry on with whatever it is you’re doing there.”
      “Giles, I think you should take a look at this,” Buffy said, motioning towards the laptop.
      Giles made his way over to where Buffy stood and Willow showed him the video.
      “Interesting. Do you have any idea where this came from?”
      “No,” Willow answered. “There’s no indication who sent it.”
      “All right. Buffy, the sun has gone down, so I suggest you begin training. Willow and I can search some about this video.”

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