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--Family Ties--

Plot: Mid Season 7 (definitely after "The Killer in Me"; mainly Willow/other, but a teeeensie bit of Kenlow): Someone new has arrived in Sunnydale, holding dark secrets and unexpected power.
Rating: PG-13 (for language and some "mature situations")
Disclaimer: I own nothing....Joss Whedon is the master..bow before him!


     The SIT's cluttered they Summers' living room floor. Buffy stood pacing, waiting to give the group their regular 'pep talk.' Willow sat next to Kennedy on the couch. Dawn and Andrew sat among the SIT's, while Giles stood in the doorway to the room. Spike stood in the shadows behind Buffy, keeping his distance from Principal Wood, who stood before the others with Buffy. Xander and Anya were nowhere to be found, and Buffy needed to start the meeting.
     "All right, does anybody know where those two are?"
     "Prob'ly off having sex. Those two have been rather close lately, don't you think, luv?"
     "Spike." Buffy glared at the bleach-haired vamp in the corner. "Yes, they've been acting odd lately, but there's evil about. Everyone's been a little different than normal. Those two are done. Finished." Just like me and you, she wanted to say.
     "Bullocks," Spike grumbled to himself.
     Buffy turned back to the SIT's and her friends. "While on patrol last night, I was trying to come up with a new training regiment. Hellmouth activity is way up, and with how prepared we are now, I'd say we'd do better if we all killed ourselves right now."
     "Buffy! How about a little encouragement. I'd say we're doing okay," Willow fought back.
     "Will, you haven't been out there with me. All hell's going to break loose-again-and we are nowhere near to stopping it."
     Willow frowned. Kennedy grabbed her hand, making Willow smile.
     Principal Wood spoke up. "It seems to me you need more power on your side."
     "Oh, no, power is bad. Tends to make people evil," Willow said.
     "No, what I mean is...isn't there anyone else out there who can help us? Anyone who may be almost as powerful as a Slayer?"
     "No...nope. Just one...the Chosen one. Nobody but lil' old me," Buffy said quickly.
     One of the newest SIT's spoke up. "So, what are you suggesting Buffy? With the new training? We're already working as hard as we can."
     "No, you're not. I want to do more field work. With back up, of course. Spike, Principal Wood, and I will take all of you out on patrol with us tonight. Hand-to-hand training is the only solution we have about now."
     "Buffy...isn't that kinda dangerous? I mean, you said it yourself...evil's all around, and all the vamps 'n demons are just waiting for us to mess up." Willow's anxiousness was obvious. Both Spike and Principal Wood seemed to agree with Willow. For other reasons, of course. Nobody could make those two work together.
     "Let's try this. Not all of us are going to make it, and whether or not we lose a few while training to fight the First isn't going to make a difference in the end if we aren't prepared."
     "I hate to say this, but Buffy is right. Willow...Buffy...you've both faced an apocalypse many times before, but compared to this, an apocalypse seems like child's play." Everybody in the room turned to Giles with looks of astonishment spreading over their faces. Giles took off his glasses and cleaned them on the bottom of his shirt. While putting them back on, he expressed for the SIT's to head to the basement for a bit of training before Buffy took them out, and Willow to hit the computer and try to find anything she could on the First.
     "Giles...I've tried as hard as I can, and there's nothing. It's hopeless."
     "Well, it can't hurt, can it? You won't be out training with the girls, so you ought to make yourself useful."

     About an hour later, a knock sounded at the door. With everyone in the basement and Xander and Anya still missing, Willow was the only one who heard it. Standing up, she moved over to the front door. Another knock sounded, more impatient this time. Upon opening the door, Willow found a girl standing there. She looked to be about 16, with long auburn hair and brown eyes. She wore black knee-high boots and a short, black halter top with an even shorter black leather skirt. The attitude on her face seemed to match her outfit.
     "Uh, hi. Are you another SIT? 'Coz I didn't hear about another being sent in."
     "Well, then...do you wanna tell me who you are? 'Coz, I'm kinda confused."
     "I'm Sidney. The Vampire Slayer."
     Willow stared in shock at the girl standing before her. "Uh, are you sure? 'Coz last time I checked, Buffy wasn't dead."
     "Get me Buffy." Sidney's expression never changed as she walked inside the house, pushing Willow aside. "Where is she?"
     "She's downstairs. Buffy!" Willow called. "There's someone here I think you need to talk to!"
     Buffy shouted her reply back up the stairs. "Will, bring whoever it is down here."
     Sidney went downstairs with a still stunned and now more confused Willow following.
     Upon seeing the girl walk down the stairs, Buffy's reaction was mostly disgust and confusion. She planted her hands on her hips, suddenly feeling territorial. "Who are you?" The question was not a nice one.
     "Sidney? That's it? Like Madonna, or Cher?"
     "Good guess, but way off. Usually I just go by Sidney, the Vampire Slayer."
     Buffy was incredulous. "Vampire Slayer? That's impossible, coz see," Buffy pinched her arm, "I'm still alive."
     "Aha!" Willow said from the stairs. Everyone stared at her. "Well, that's what I had said, so...aha!"
     Spike stood up from his little basement corner. "Y'know, luv, you kinda remind me of that other lil' slayer...Faith," he said to Sidney, grinning.
     Everything clicked in Buffy's mind. "Faith. Did she-"
     "No," Sidney replied.
     "Then...this is impossible."
     "Buffy," Willow started, realizing what had happened. "It's not impossible...you were dead."
     "Well, yeah, there was that one time. But that brought Kendra…then Faith." She paused. "Oh, yeah. And that other time I died."
     Principal Wood had been trying to keep up with all that was going on, and spoke up finally, "Uh...who's Faith? You said there was nobody else like you. Wait, you died?!"
     Nobody knew what to say, they couldn't hide anything now. Kennedy broke the silence. "Well, isn't this a good thing? Three slayers is a good thing."
     Dawn spoke for her sister; she could see Buffy was lost for words. "Well, technically, it's only two. Faith is, well-"
     Andrew cut her off. "Isn't Faith the one that killed a guy? She's in prison now. Too bad...she was hot."
     Everyone stared at him. “Well, she was...,” he whined.

     Eventually everyone had moved upstairs. The SIT’s were in the kitchen, hungry after their training session. The rest were sitting in the living room, coming up with a new and better plan now that there were two Slayers for the First to contend with. Xander and Anya had finally appeared. There was thick sexual tension in the room as soon as they walked in together. Spike smiled. He loved it when he was right.
     “Buffy, perhaps when you take the girls out for patrol, you and Sidney could split into two groups, cover more ground, and have less chance of losing anybody,” Giles suggested.
     “Good idea. It’s almost sundown. Let’s get everybody ready and we’ll head out. In two hours, we’ll meet at Shady Hill, okay? We’ll let each other know what we found, and we’ll split up again.”
     Everybody nodded. Willow glanced at Sidney, who gave a little, knowing, smile. Willow smiled back before she realized what she was doing. Averting her gaze quickly, she tried to focus on what Buffy was saying.
     “Anya and Giles, you two stay behind and keep researching. Xander, Robin, you’re with me. Spike and Willow, you go with Sidney.”
     Buffy walked into the kitchen to inform the girls of the new plan for tonight, and everybody scattered about, collecting weapons and such. Kennedy walked into Willow’s room, where Willow was grabbing stakes, crosses and holy water from her drawers, as well as a few magickal items, just in case.
     “Buffy split us up. Something to do with being distracted. But, of course, she and Principal Wood are together,” Kennedy said, smiling. “Be careful. It wouldn’t exactly be the same if you were all dismembered, and y’know…dead.”
     Willow smiled. “Same to you.” She grabbed her bag of supplies and walked towards the door, stopping in front of Kennedy. They kissed, passionately, not knowing if either of them would make it through the night.

     Sidney led the SIT’s with Willow and Spike, slowly stalking a vampire through the dark cemetery. There had been an uncomfortable silence all night, but finding the vamp had finally given the group something to concentrate on. Sidney ducked behind a tall gravestone. She turned around and put her fingers to her lips, then motioned for the SIT’s to follow her.
     Leaping over the grave stone, the young vampire slayer charged after the blood-sucker. Grabbing his arms from behind, she kneed him in the small of his back, dropping the vamp to his knees.
     “Who’s up?” She called to the SIT’s, looking each one of them in the eyes.
     The girls looked afraid, it was more of a carefulness than fear, however. Amanda stepped forward, a little unsure of herself. Sidney tossed her a stake, and Amanda caught it, nearly fumbling.
     The vampire was struggling against Sidney’s grip, so she squeezed harder and twisted his arms backwards until the bones were ready to snap. His right shoulder bone popped as he yanked the vamp to his feet.
     Kicking him in the stomach, she caused him to fly towards Amanda. “Ready, girl? Kick his ass.”
     Willow stood, confused by how the new slayer was going about training, but was intrigued, feeling a sudden rush of excitement as she watched the girl in action. Spike chuckled at the situation, while the other SIT’s were silently cheering Amanda on.
     Amanda gathered her wits about her and punched the staggering vampire across the face. It did more damage to her hand than it did to the vamp.
     Taking a hold on the situation, the vampire grabbed the young girl around her neck and tilted her neck to the side. Seeing her supple skin caused him to drool with anticipation.
     Amanda struggled against his hold, but it was to no avail. One of the other SIT’s grabbed a stake from her jacket and attacked the vamp from behind, but missed his heart by a long shot.
     The vamp arched his back as he was hit, however, and threw Amanda to the ground. “It’s okay,” Sidney said. “Through the back is always harder.”
     Sidney charged the vamp once again, sending a snap-kick to his chest. He flew backwards and Sidney straddled his stomach. Raising her stake above her head, she plunged it into his heart.
     “Play time’s over.” Dusting vamp ash off her clothes, she faced the group. “So, who wants to try next?”

     Buffy stood in front of her group of SIT's. Principal Wood and Xander stood on either side of the slayer.
     "I had Willow check the morgue records earlier, and there's a vampire who's going to rise from that grave," Buffy whispered, pointing a few yards in front of her. "Kennedy, you're up."
     Kennedy smiled warily and hid a stake behind her back. She took a fighting stance at the end of the grave and waited. A dead, dirty hand pushed through the dirt as the newbie vamp crawled her way out of the grave.
     Kennedy never missed a beat. As soon as the vampire was almost out of the dirt, she kicked her in the chest. The vamp stumbled back, still not used to being undead. Kennedy used this moment of weakness to trap the vamp between her and a headstone. Using all her strength, the potential drove a stake through her heart. The vamp dusted and Kennedy gave a huge grin.
     "Great job, Kennedy! I want the rest of you girls to take note. This girl's gonna make a great slayer one day," Buffy complimented, allowing herself a small smile.
     "Nice work. Willow'd be proud," Xander said.
     The group moved on, slowly combing their way through the cemetery and making their way towards shady hill.

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