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     “I’m so sorry. I’m afraid your daughter didn’t survive. She was ejected from the car when the car hit a tree on the side of the road. Sadly, she hit the same tree, and her injuries were too severe for us to repair. The young boy suffered a concussion, and a broken second vertebrae. The paramedics were able to resuscitate him before he too was gone. However, he will be a quadriplegic after suffering the broken back. Both teens were wearing their seatbelts, but unfortunately, we have reason to believe that both were under the influence of alcohol.”
     “My baby. She’s my little girl. I can’t believe this! I never got to say good-bye.” Her mood suddenly darkened. “Bring her back! Try! Let me have my Kelly back!” Ms. Summers became hoarse and just stared questioningly at the officer. “Leave. Get out of my house. Now!” She barked.
     “Ma’am, I understand that you’re upset, but I can help you.     ”
“You can help me by getting out of my house!”
     Officer Stransen raised and let himself out the door. “I’m truly very sorry.” His last words echoed inside the silent kitchen.

Two Weeks Later

     “Kelly was an amazing girl. She had an uplifting spirit and loved everybody around her. Her life was filled with joy until she reached high school. Her existence hit a rocky patch, but she was trying her best to pull herself through. At the same time, however, she learned a great deal of what it meant to mature and grow up.
     “She knew she could achieve what she wanted by choosing her behaviors. Kelly’s grades were very high and she was aware of, she realized, what those grades would get her: trust, freedom, and more responsibilities in life. She knew it was good to figure out how to have a good relationship with me, as well as her father-whenever she saw him. She knew the same ideas went with her teachers as well.
     “Although I’m sad to say that her friends were few and far between, they all had diverse opinions and unique personalities. Their ethnic backgrounds even brought them closer together. Kelly was very passionate about what she loved. Whether it was a school subject, a book or even her favorite actor, her eyes would light up and she couldn’t stop grinning. I will never forget her innocent smile and the way her angelic face could light up a room.
     “Remember, either you get it or you don’t. Live life to the fullest and enjoy every single second of it. Even though you can choose which road you want to travel, each and every one of us has an expiry date, and we will never know when that date will arrive. Kelly, I hope you can hear me in heaven, because I love you.” Ms. Summers’ voice caught in her throat as she finished the eulogy.

“Kelly Mae Summers
Beloved daughter; our perfect angel
Be in our hearts always,”

     Kelly read the headstone, carefully watching over everyone, wishing that they could know how much she missed them. She regretted the last words she ever spoke to her mother, but she knew it would never make her any less of a person. “I love you Mom and Dad. I will watch over you both. You may not be together, and you may never realize this, but you two are closer than ever,” Kelly whispered.

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